I november maned 2005 besluttede min kone og jeg at kobe bad i Grkenland efter en del sogning pa nettet, besluttede vi os for at benytte Yiannis Drimousis som mgler.
Vi har vret meget tilfreds med den made YD Yachts har hanteret handlen pa, alt hvad der blev lovet er overholdt, vi kan derfor give YD Yachts vores bedste anbefalinger.
Baden er nu beliggende i Grkenland, og har fungeret perfekt siden vi ovetog den.

Soren K Kristensen


Yiannis Drimousis,

I wanted to tank you for all the good care and cooperation I have with you the last 9 months. And I remember the first time we meet each other at the 21 may 2005 for the Atlantic 49. Off course I was a little suspicious to buy a boot in a foreign country like Greece and most of the people in Belgium advised against it. The Atlantic 49 had a very good price but a lot of works and investments to get it back on the water to sail safely again. I was in Greece for two days and you give me on trust to sleep on the Dufour 45 Classic. I remember that you've made also pictures of that vessel because the owner (Nave Yachts) was intending to sale also that vessel at the end of the season. After a few weeks and mails we made a very good deal and I decided to bay the Dufour 45 Classic. Of course it was still in the running for charter soI'll have to wait till the end of season. For me it was the first time I wanted to buy a boot and in the mounds that passed you give me the necessary information and help. Also you told me to do everything by a local lawyer. So seller and buyer would be safe at any time.
You let me free to make my one choice, but for a foreign person I put my trust in your hands and you provide me a good lawyer to manage the sale. And the lawyer, you, the owner and myself made an MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) for the Dufour 45 Classic.
All the time you advised me positive and even with inspection of the vessel you give me all the necessary information and advise needed. You arranged also to use the boot for one week in August September to sail with here and discover all possible failures. And together with the inspection of Nek Design (also on your recommendation) the owner have to make a few repairs on sail drive stern and maintenance of the engine for about 950 euro (much more than the inspection) before delivering the boot. Also you made all appointments with Olympic Marine to get the boot for 4 mounds out of the water, and made appointments to provide for a new antifouling layer. In the mine time all paperwork to buy the boot was on a delay of a few mounds because governments in Belgium and Greece are total different and very suspicious about each otter a specially when you buy a boot without paying the VAT between two charter company's and especially when one of them are new and established to buy the boot.
All that time you made with the owner Mr Ghiokas from Nave Yachts new appointments and agreements together with the lawyer to end the sale of the vessel without problems. Even when all was done and the owner had his money but still had to pay the works on stern, drive sail and maintenance of the engine that's way the vessel could not be lounged at time. You made the necessary phone calls and after the weekend we able to lounged the boot without problems and started to sail to Nieuwpoort her new port. So Mr Yiannis that's way I can recommending you toeveryone who wanted to bay a boot in Greece or wherever because in all case your honest and respectful person who give all needed information and help to get the deal done with a very satisfied costumer.

Thanks again and I'll give you me friendship, its rarely in business to find this.

Belmans Mark


Wij apprecieren ten zeerste de heer Yiannis Drimousis, YD YACHTS BROKERAGE-YACHT SALES, in zijn capaciteit als botenmakelaar en zijn heel dankbaar voor al zijn inzet en professionaliteit met betrekking tot de koop van onze zeilboot.
Deze aankoop was buitengewoon ingewikkeld en meneer Yiannis heeft al zijn kennis aangewend om deze transactie te laten slagen en ten opzichte van de verkoper en van de griekse autoriteiten en ten opzichte van ons.

Jenny en Gur Mizrahi


 I am a member of the swedish yacht club med.sailors and I have been planning for a long time to sail in Greece in my own yacht.I finally decided to sell my yacht in Sweden and buy another yacht in Greece.It,s defenitly not easy to purchase a yacht in a foreign country far away from home.I was lucky enough to get in contact with mr Drimousis through internet and his homepage.For a little more than half a year we corresponded through internet more or less daily looking at at different yachts.Mr Drimousis was very helpfull during this time always giving quick and professional answers.After about half a year I decided to go to Athens to look at a yacht and meet with mr Drimousis.Meeting with mr Drimousis I felt at once that he was a very trustworthy person garding not only the interests of the seller but also my interests as a buyer.I am very happy with the yacht I finally bought with the professional help of mr Drimousis and I have already had the opportunity to show it to some countrymen from Sweden who were impressed by it,s good condition.All paperworks in connection with the purchase was taken care of in a smoth way and without any problem by mr Drimousis.Through mr Drimousis I got in contact with a very nice and experiensed skipper who sailed the yacht with me to Lefkas.Mr Drimousis is a very trustworthy broker but also a person I regard as a friend.I recommend him to all future buyers.

Leif Lagerwall - Sweden


Dear Yiannis,

Thank you for sending the final paperwork. It feels good to have "Pandora" as OUR boat and we are enjoying sailing her.
We have appreciated everything you did to make sure that the sale went through smoothly, and for working for us as well as George, especially as it had to be done by phone and email.
We look forward to meeting you next time we get to Athens.
Sincerely, Suzie and Tucker - UK